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5 important IT security tips for music producers

Whether your music production be a hobby or a full time job, keeping safe online is paramount in this day and age of cyber attacks. Following a few simple techniques will keep your important data safe and sound.

Here are 5 IT security tips for music producers

1. Antivirus

Antivirus will stop you getting viruses and malware spreading on your computer. There are many threats out there in different forms such as worms and trojans plus many more. These can be delivered not only by email in attachments, but also by visting infected sites and using infected plugins. The latter can be a particular problem with pirated software so don’t take the risk.

The best way to protect your computer is to ensure that there is an up to date antivirus package installed on your PC. Use the built in Windows Defender (in Windows 7 – 10) or Comodo for a free solution. Mac users have options too (don’t ever beleive Mac users avoid viruses! They are now more rife than ever before.)

2. Backup

Every good producer has a backup of their work. There are loads of options when it comes to backing up your data. A USB stick, external hard drive, cloud storage. All good options.

My favourite method for backing up Bitwig projects is to add the Bitwig Studio\Projects folder to my Google cloud drive. This way I know whatever changes I make are backed up to the cloud. This can be done in the preferences section of Google cloud.

3. Encryption

Data encryption is a method of locking the data on a hard drive so it cannot be read by unauthorised viewers. Should you ever lose your data while out and about (stolen laptop/left on a train – we’ve all been there!) then if your hard drive is accessed via another computer, the data will not be able to be read without unencrypting the device. Imagine losing a laptop only to find someone has found it and realeased your music under a different name!

There are a couple of options for free encryption:
Windows 10 Pro – Bitlocker
Mac OS – File Vault

Note – Windows 10 Home does not have encryption available by default and so you can either buy an upgrade from the Microsoft store (or this Amazon link) or pick a different option such as Checkpoint or Symantec.

4. Use the right user

Whether on Mac or PC, set up a seperate Administrator or admin user for installing software, upgrades etc and ONLY use them for that. For everything else, use a Standard user account. Having two logins is no issue and only the admin user need be access when necessary.

This keeps the computer safe from accidental file downloads which may contain programs needing admin access to run.

5. Backup (again)

Point 5 is about backup. Yes, the same as point 2 – but I cannot stress enough how important file backups are. Go and do a backup now!

With these tips in mind your data will be safe and you can carry on producing music safe in the knowledge you are protected.

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