Ableton Wavetable Masterclass

Wavetable is the latest synth addition to the Ableton Live 10 Suite. It rounds out the synth devices nicely, bringing a native wavetable synth directly to Live users.

Course Price Around £15

Ableton Wavetable Masterclass

Ableton Wavetable Masterclass

Wavetable is the latest synth addition to the Ableton Live 10 Suite. It rounds out the synth devices nicely, bringing a native wavetable synth directly to Live users.

This course provides a thorough walkthrough of all Wavetable’s features and functions. In just 2 hours you will be well prepared to start designing new and inventive sounds. As an added bonus, it also includes 4 bonus sound tutorials loaded with practical tips and tricks to start applying your new skills straight away!

Learn how to design mind-blowing sounds with Ableton Wavetable



Ableton Wavetable Fast Track to Sound Design is broken up into 10 core parts with an additional 4 bonus lessons dedicated to sound design tips and tricks in Wavetable.. It is just over 2 hours in length and can easily be navigated by user skill level.

If you’ve just picked up your copy of Live 10 and want to see how Wavetable works and how you can start creating some memorable sounds, this course is for you.


  • Watch, Listen and Learn – our easy to follow video instruction shows you exactly how to use Ableton’s Wavetable synth
  • 10 walkthrough videos each demonstrating different functions of the synth

► Introduction
► Why Wavetable Synthesis is Unique
► GUI Overview
► Sub Oscillator
► Wavetable Categories
► Oscillator Effect Modes
► Filter Section
► Modulation Sources
► Modulation Matrix
► Global Controls and Unison Modes

  • 4 Bonus Lessons Covering Sound Design with Ableton Wavetable

► Sound Design – Supersaws
► Sound Design – Pads
► Sound Design – Plucky Basses
► Sound Design – Add Presence to Any Sound

  • Learn at your own pace, watch as many times as you need to learn the lessons


  • PT1 – Introduction – This video sets up the course content.
  • PT2 – Why Wavetable Synthesis is Unique – This section will teach you why and how Wavetable differs from Analog and Operator in Live and how you can leverage the difference to create unique sounds.
  • PT3 – GUI Overview – To truly learn how to use a synth and use it well, you need to spend time getting very familiar with the GUI.
  • PT4 – Sub Oscillator – This video will teach you how to use the sub oscillator in Wavetable.
  • PT5 – Wavetable Categories – This is one of the most important sections of the course. Wavetable comes with over 200 wavetables so the sonic possibilities are nearly endless. This video gives you a crash course on most of the types of wavetables you have access to.
  • PT6 – Oscillator Effect Modes – Learn how to use these powerful tools to sculpt your sound.
  • PT7 – Filter Section – Learn everything you need to know about the filters in Wavetable
  • PT8 – Modulation Sources – This video covers the envelopes and LFO’s in Wavetable
  • PT9 – Modulation Matrix – This video will teach when and how to use the mod matrix in Wavetable to add a professional polish to any sound.
  • PT10 – Global Controls and Unison Modes – Learn how to create huge unison sounds in Wavetable as well as other global related controls.


  • B01 – Sound Design – Supersaws – Learn some tips and tricks for creating better supersaw sounds in Wavetable
  • B02 – Sound Design – Pads – This video will give you insight into creating pads in Wavetable
  • Bo3 – Sound Design – Plucky Basses – Learn how to make plucky basses that will work with a bunch of various genres.
  • B04 – Sound Design – Add Presence to Any Sound – Learn a great technique that adds sharp presence to the attack of any sound. It will become a go to trick for getting a lead or bass to pop out in the mix!


Echo Sound Works is one of the lead tutors on the ADSR network.

He is also the sound designer behind the hugely popular sound design label Echo Sound Works as well as a producer in his own right.

With his years of experience as a producer, sound designer and tutor, ESW easily explains often complicated topics in a way that anyone can understand. By reinforcing everything he teaches with real world examples, you will come away fully understanding everything presented to you in this course.

Become intimately acquainted with this inspiring piece of software while receiving tips and tuition from a gifted sound designer and producer.

Table of Contents

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