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Arturia Analogue Lab review

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We take a look at Arturia’s new Analogue Lab offering up a multitude of classics and retro synthesizers bringing back the sounds of yesteryear, plus much more.

Image 1 Part Time Producer

  • 18 Synths
  • 6 Pianos
  • 3 Organs
  • 6500 Presets

What’s in the box?

Well taking a first glance of Arturia Analogue Lab is a nice surprise. It is a simple intuitive interface offering up a number of synths for a reasonable price. There is a lot of content available in Arturia V Collection however not as much functionality. Don’t get me wrong, it has functions and knobs to tweak, but just not as much. However this works well for me as I’m more a preset kinda guy than a tweaker.

I’m using this in Bitwig Studio and installation was a breeze. A simple download from of the Arturia software manager and login gets the software installing.

Image 1 1 Part Time Producer

Once in and put on a track, the options to cycle through presets is really easy. There are loads to choose from and can be searched on from style, genre, synth type etc.

Image 2 1 Part Time Producer

The options are toward the bottom of the screen for each individual instrument. Althought not as much to tweak on the settings, it’s still enough for the average use to get some amazing sounds out of.


Easy to use

Simple interface

Assignable midi controllers


If you like tweaking, might not be enough variety for you


A good solid introduction to the Arturia range.

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