Super VHS offers tape sound effects and lo-fi degradation to bring a different sound to your music. What’s more with our Super VHS review you can get 10% off with discount code PTPBABY on us.
Baby Audio Super VHS

we say 5 out of 5

BABY Audio Super VHS review

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We check out the new one from the people that brought you Smooth Operator in our BABY Audio Super VHS review. Baby Audio are certainly one of the new kids on the block. Check out their site at for more information.

Part Time Producer  Lo Fibaby Audio Super Vhs Review

Getting started with our Baby Audio Super VHS review

Super VHS by Baby Audio is a Lo-Fi audio destruction tool which gives you a sound right out of the 1980’s. A perfect complement to analogue synthesizer audio or even some phat rap style straight out of New York!

Part Time Producer Baby Audio Super Vhs Review
Baby Audio Super VHS review

Super VHS offers up a way to destruct your track and add saturation and grit to it by one of its following features:

STATIC — Static noise generated by an internal synthesizer
HEAT — ‘Analog tape’ saturator, inspired by consumer-grade tape machines
SHAPE — Sample rate reducer inspired by 1980s 8-bit samplers
MAGIC — Widening FX inspired by the Juno chorus, but darker and deeper
DRIFT — Pitch fluctuation LFO for unpredictable time and pitch shifting
WASH — ‘Bad hall’ reverb inspired by budget friendly 1980s rack units

The features on offer can be added to an individual track or on the entire mix. The simple fact is it adds low end authenticity on the audio flowing through it. A nice simple idea of a plugin, but highly effective.

What is VHS?

Some of you youngsters won’t know right? It was a video tape format from the 80’s and 90’s. We used to rent them from blockbuster video and watch films on them. The format prior to DVD and that style tape is what is covered in the Super VHS review.

Is this easy to use?

Yes of course. Pop it on the track you want to distort and lets Super VHS do the work. Tweak as you see fit.

How much is it?

This retails at $49 but…. just for you as a reader of you can get an extra 10% off if you use discount code PTPBABY

Did you say discount?

Yes I did. Use code PTPBABY and get 10% off!

The plugin can be used in many formats and when I was testing with my Bitwig Studio 4 setup (which I have reviewed here by the way) I was able to use VST2 and VST3 but 32 and 64 bit formats. If you are an Apple user, the plugin comes in AU format and of course for you Pro Tools folk out there, there is the trusty AAX format too.

Alternative Options to Super VHS

It wouldn’t be a fair review if I didn’t cover a few alternatives in my Super VHS review. So first up there is SketchCassette II which was reviewed a few weeks ago on Part Time Producer. This scored 5/5 too and that was purely down to a price point. However with the PTPBABY 10% discount code for Baby Audio Super VHS it comes right back in to direct competition.

There are also some offerings from in the form of Waves J37 and also iZotope do a Vinyl warping type tool which gives distortion and degradation of a track effect and this is a freebie but is lacking in some features. Worth a look though as an added extra.

Final Thoughts

I like it. A full 5 stars for the utility. Simple but effective. Not many tools come along these days that give that sense of nostalgia and so for the memories alone the Super VHS review is giving it full marks.

Easy to recommend the good folk at Baby Audio due to their positivity in these tough times. I must also mention their excellent work on keeping creatives creative with their Baby Audio Grants for Good scheme where they offer free plugin grants to organizations, educational institutions and individuals who are using the power of music to positively impact their communities. Good work.

Ease Of Use
Value For Money
Baby Audio Super VHS

We rated it 5 out of 5

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