Free Bitwig Presets

We love free things. We love Bitwig presets. So here you go, a fine list of the two things combined!

My collection of Bitwig presets began when I was unable to find a decent headphone filter. I wanted to be able to remove the bass rumble of my Samson SR850 headphones. I found the best way to do this was with an EQ setting. 

Only a few tracks on I realised that this was something I was recreating each time and looked into getting a Bitwig preset configured for this. It was that easy. I saves this into my Bitwig presets folder and to this day I have a go to preset for reducing EQ (if I use those particular headphones).

Going forward I wanted to share my collection of Bitwig presets so that other people can use them too. They are all free, and can be installed really easily.

NameDescriptionLink to Download
80's BrassLarge 80's brass soundDownload
BS 808Bassdrum for an 808Download
FX3 Peak LimiterMake your tracks loud!Download
Low High splitSplit the Low and High endDownload
60Hz High Pass FilterVocal high pass filter using bxDownload
PhillNamed after my dogDownload
Processed KickDaft Punk style kick drumDownload
Samson SR850 EQSonarworks alternative for Samson HeadphonesDownload
SirenNee Naw Nee NawDownload
Voice OverDynamics for voice over workDownload

How to install Bitwig Presets

Once you have downloaded your file to install, it is just a case of copying it over to the correct location.

On Windows, this is normally in your User directory > Documents > Bitwig Studio > Library > Presets

On a Mac and Linux, the directory can be found in your Bitwig Studio directory Home > Username > Bitwig Studio > Library > Presets


Free Bitwig Presets Location
Bitwig Presets location on Windows

Obviously there is plenty of resources on the internet on how to install these presets along with excellent documentation from These docs are built in to your product in the form of a help file. There is also the Bitwig forum online which offers help and guidance on setting up preset files.

Can I create my own Bitwig preset?

Sure you can! It’s really simple to do and not only is it simple to do, it is useful for others too. It can save you time on your projects and really help you to improve your Bitwig workflow by having plenty of ready made tools to hand. You can think of them like extra plugins to your arsenal.  

With these little bits of additional tech, your sound can be transformed in to your own style very quickly.

I’m not an advocate of sticking with one specific plugin chain for a master buss, but having a fast way to grab a known good chain which adds “your sound” makes more sense than creating it each time. You have a defined sound and tweaking an already created chain is much better than creating a new each time.


Samson Sr850 Eq Headphone Profile
My custom Samson SR850 EQ profile preset

Saving your own custom preset is just a case of drag and drop. Once you have got your setting as you like it, drag it over to the Browser Bar and then you will be presented with a Save Preset box. In here, you will be able to customise the detail you want for your preset. 

Save Bitwig Preset Browser

Finding and using your preset

To find the preset you have saved at a later day, open the browser window on a track and search for any of the information entered in the Bitwig preset browser window.

Once you have found it, add it to your track or chain and hey presto, a working plugin! 

If you have presets you want to share or even get added to my list above, use the contact form to get in touch and we can arrange getting it added in.  I’d love to hear from you and spread the word about what you have managed to create.

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