wavefactory spectre review
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A clever new plugin – Wavesfactory Spectre Review

We review the new enhancer plugin in our Wavesfactory Spectre review. This plugin will bring your tracks to life by tweaking the sounds with added …

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Wavesfactory Strum Guitar review

We take a look at this new Kontakt Instrument in our Wavesfactory Strum Guitar review. Stuck for a sessions guitarist? Then look no further, Wavesfactory has you covered with Strum Guitar.

Loopmasters Khords Review logo
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Loopmasters Khords Review in Bitwig Studio

Part Time Producer does a Loopmasters Khords Review in Bitwig Studio and takes a look at this new vst audio plugin instrument

how to create a sample pack in Bitwig Studio
Gadgets and Gear

Easy and simple how to create a sample pack in Bitwig Studio

Let us show you how to create a sample pack in Bitwig Studio

trackspacer in bitwig
Featured Inspiration

Extra Cool Plugin: Trackspacer Review In Bitwig Studio

Trackspacer in Bitwig Studio will boost your mixes to the next level.

top 5 bitwig midi keyboards under £100
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Top 5 best Bitwig Midi keyboards for less than £100

We help you to find the best midi controller for Bitwig Studio and pay less than £100

filtershaper core 2 review
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Creative Test drive Cableguys FilterShaper Core 2 review new VST plugin

A possible contender to beat LFO Tool from Xfer? I put Cableguys FilterShaper to the test.

TDR Molot GE review from parttimeproducer
Featured Gear

Quick TDR Molot GE review of the reworked classic “Hammer”

A new compressor from the good folk at Tokyo Dawn Records. I take it for a ride and see what it’s all about.

mixroom-review parttimeproducer.com mastering the mix
Gadgets and Gear

Mixroom Review: EQ Intelligent and Versatile Plugin by Mastering The Mix

I take a look at the new plugin from Mastering The Mix called Mixroom – Is it an intelligent and versatile EQ plugin it claims to be?

new cans logo
Gadgets and Gear

Best things to look for when buying home studio headphones

Have a look at my journey on buying some new headphones. I spend ages trying to decide which is the best set for the home studio.

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