mobile music studio
Inspiration and Techniques

3 effective mobile music studio musts for on the road producers

When I’m travelling around the country I like to produce music. This is my mobile music studio for producing mixing.

PR writing a press release
Inspiration and Techniques

How to write a music press release with success

I had to write a music press release for my new EP and I didn’t know how. This is my journey on how I learnt to write a music press release.

Featured Inspiration

Do I really need all these VST plugins?

I have been taking a look at my plugin arsenal recently. My collection has built up over the years but do I really need all these plugins?

produtcivity tips for music production
Inspiration and Techniques

Improve productivity, make music – new ideas for 2021 – fresh!

It has been a peculiar year so far and it is showing no sign of stopping. I share some techniques which help me produce music while in lockdown.

HotOneShots from In Your Dreams

Hot One Shots – Making new sounds from Sample Packs

How to use a sample pack or sampled sound…but in a unique way

eq 5 in bitwig studio
Inspiration and Techniques

Great ideas for making room in the low end

Find out why keeping the low end free from clutter is important.

new cans logo
Gadgets and Gear

Best things to look for when buying home studio headphones

Have a look at my journey on buying some new headphones. I spend ages trying to decide which is the best set for the home studio.

Featured Inspiration

The hunt for new home studio monitors

To ensure a room sounds right with accurate monitoring is no quick task. This is my journey into finding new home studio monitors

dj decks tutorial
Inspiration and Techniques

Best Practise: How to setup OBS for DJ streaming

We show you how to setup OBS for DJ streaming and make the most of your livestream sets on Mixcloud and Twitch

last night a DJ saved my life logo
Inspiration and Techniques

Set For Love

The ultimate global DJ event. Will you be taking part? ***CALLING ALL DJ’S AROUND THE WORLD!*** Be a part of the world’s largest simultaneous DJ …

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