Inspiration and Techniques

Hybrid Track/Clip Launch Workflow Tutorial Bitwig 3.1

Bitwig offers a neat little workflow if you’re in the habit of resampling and finding cuts! Here’s how : WOODLER’S LIVE STREAM: … Credit …

Inspiration and Techniques

Xfer LFO Tool, MIDI Retrigger in Bitwig Studio

A quick tutorial on how to use the MIDI Retrig envelope in LFO Tool in Bitwig Studio Follow Tygerz ✓ … Credit to Tygerz

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Bitwig Beta 3.1 Modal Modulation using Pitch 12

Using Pitch 12 to borrow chords from parallel modes. Expanding on Polaritys video For more detail on using … Credit to Branden Breaks

Inspiration and Techniques

Launchpad X / Mini Mk3 – Bitwig Support!

In this video I demonstrate the new Novation Launchpad X and Mini Mk3 with Bitwig. Support has been added to DrivenByMoss 7.60. Get it from …

Inspiration and Techniques

Bitwig Studio 3.1 – Micro-pitch – Pitch-12 – Tutorial

In this tutorial I’ll show you the new features of Bitwig Studio 3.1. With the micro-pitch one can detune single notes, and with the new …

Inspiration and Techniques

Automatic Sax Quartet – SWAM, VCMC and Bitwig

So I wanted to hear what a Sax quartet arrangement made randomly by my modular would sound like… SWAM Instruments: Befaco … Credit to …

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How I Process Vocals / Vocal Mixing Guide

In this video I show you how I process and mix vocals. This is episode two of the vocal recording & processing series. We using …

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Inspiration and Techniques

Using Novation Launchkey Mini Mk3 with Bitwig

In this tutorial I explain how you can use the Novation Launchkey Mini Mk3 with Bitwig by using DrivenByMoss 7.50. You can control your mix, …

Inspiration and Techniques

? You cant do this macro trick in Cubase, Logic or Ableton live – Bitwig Studio Tutorial

Use this small workflow trick in Bitwig Studio to keep your sounds interesting over time! — Buy Bitwig Studio 10% cheaper … Credit to Polarity …

Inspiration and Techniques

Bitwig Studio Basics E15 – Midi CC & Orchestral VSTs

In this video, Bitwig Studio Basics E15 – Midi CC & Orchestral VSTs, we explore how you connect and activate midi controllers with Bitwig Studio. …

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