Inspiration and Techniques

Using Behringer X-Touch One with Bitwig

I demonstrate how you can use the Behringer X-Touch One controller with Bitiwig using DrivenByMoss 7.40. Control the transport, mix tracks and edit devices. Credit …

Inspiration and Techniques

Abe Duque Bitwig Tutorial: THE GRID | Modular Sound Design Interface

Instructor Abe Duque shows us the versatility of Bitwig’s modular interface known as THE GRID Subscribe to learn more about Music Production & Electronic … …

Featured Inspiration

LIVE LOOPING Software Looper PC/MAC – Bitwig Basics E14

Check out my gear on Kit: In this video we explore live looping software for PC/MAC/Linux, Bitwig Studio. I show how you can easily …

Inspiration and Techniques

Bitwig 3 Sound Design Session | New Sample Pack

Open me, DAWg*** ▽▽▽$upport The Channel▽▽▽ ▽▽▽Distribute Your Music Today With DistroKid! Credit to Venus Theory

Featured Videos

Let’s Build a… Distortion [BITWIG STUDIO 3]

This tutorial builds a distortion. As though at the workbench together, we cover various methods of distorting a signal and then combining them in parallel. …

Inspiration and Techniques

Modular Concepts: Musical Maths [BITWIG STUDIO 3]

While math is everywhere in sound synthesis, it doesn’t always ask for attention. This tutorial looks at three examples: making a patch velocity-sensitive, seeing … …

Inspiration and Techniques

Bitwig Tutorial – Control Track

A tutorial for making a track in Bitwig that can automate the program. Probably not super relevant on this channel. I just wanted to make …

Inspiration and Techniques

How to make DIGITAL Sounds More ANALOG in Bitwig Studio

There are several ways to make digital sounds a tad warmer and emulate some kind of “analog-ness”. In this video, How to make DIGITAL Sounds …

Inspiration and Techniques

Let’s Build a… Sequencer [BITWIG STUDIO 3]

This tutorial builds a sequencer. Starting with the idea of a simple drum sequencer, we explore Device Phase and its pre-cords, event sequencing, using a …

Inspiration and Techniques

Modular Concepts: Phase, a Matter of Timing [BITWIG STUDIO 3]

This tutorial explores phase for driving step sequencers and animating sound. We start by looking at Bitwig Studio’s default tempo-locked behavior and then … Credit …

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