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This is our ultimate audio plugin deals page. Find the latest plugin deals from loads of VST software providers and we’ll even make sure to cover sample pack deals too.

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Keeping watch for Audio Plugin Deals

Part Time Producer knows how much you plugin junkies like any audio plugin deals that are on offer. Keeping track of what is the best drum vst or which is the best compressor plugin and where it is on offer is not easy so we take the pain out looking for plugin deals and put them all on this page. At we love Bitwig Studio native plugins are always good and with the release of Bitwig Studio 3 The Grid, building a plugin has endless possibilities but sometimes having a go to compressor in your arsenal is still useful.

Black Friday Deals and Sales

Keeping an eye on the Black Friday Deals and sales events is what this page is all about too. Join our Facebook group too as it is a great location to look out for plugin deals. We are constantly updating the vst deals which are on offer from sites like Plugin Boutique, Waves, Native Instruments and many other VST plugin providers.

Virtual instruments and effects can give your sound the extra boost and bring a new lease of life to your audio tracks. So many samples are available to choose from so finding the best virtual instrument plugin at the best price is the way to go. We find deals on Kontakt instruments, sample packs and most VST plugins. Check out the review section too so you can see what else is out there.

VST effect plugins, whether it be a compressor, EQ or reverb plugin will always be a key tool in your audio plugins library.


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