Diversion (Album)


Diversion is the new album
by Part Time Producer

Diversion is the debut 11 track album  from Part Time Producer aka Martin Glover. Part Time Producer is exactly that, an electronic producer from Manchester UK with the simple ambition of wanting people to Shazam his music when hearing it on the radio, TV or film (but not in the cinema though because phones are not meant to be on – but you know that).

The album is an 11 track collection of electronic music influenced by elements of music which have inspired Part Time Producer over his 24 years of electronic production. Since he started experimenting with computer music on the Amiga when he was 15, the evolution of electro saw influencing artists and movements trigger ideas and techniques which appear in his music to this day, including this release.

This album showcases his sensational production ideas and sense of musicality in tracks using wobble bass 808s, synthesizers and electronica textures to great effect.

Diversion is the result of making the most of the time available during the pandemic and using music as a diversion therapy to deal with life in lockdown. The result of which is a selection of 11 tracks produced over this period varying from upbeat feelgood to melancholic calm. 


Having something to focus on and staying creative is a key method to staying sane during these strange times and something that Part Time Producer strongly identifies with.


“As with most people, life gets in the way when trying to make music so finding time to sit down and be productive is not always easy. However with a bit of focus and effort, you never know what you can achieve until you try.”

Out Now!

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