filtershaper core 2 review
Cableguys FilterShaper 2 is an easy yet functional part of the ShaperBox
Cableguys FilterShaper Core 2

we say 5 out of 5

Creative Test drive Cableguys FilterShaper Core 2 review new VST plugin

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Cableguys FilterShaper is a part of the ShaperBox suite so installation requires download of the ShaperBox installer. It is the new plugin from Cableguys and is aimed at being easy to use but functional. We take a look in our filtershaper core 2 review.

So what do they say about it?

Experience all the richness, warmth and intricacy of a high-quality analogue filter with FilterShaper Core 2. Choose from warm Sallen-Key filters based on classic hardware designs, and Clean zero-delay feedback (ZDF) modes. Create amazing modulations and wild patterns in seconds with a drawable LFO and dynamic envelope follower on every band.

Running inside Cableguys’ ShaperBox 2 effects plugin, use FilterShaper Core 2 on its own or with other Shapers — they all work in exactly the same way, stacking up to create elaborate, multilayered effects that’ll make your productions stand out.

What do I like?

I am a huge fan of LFO Tool by Xfer and this gives it a real run for the money. A totally useful utility which I find myself using on multiple tracks.

I must admit I am a preset junkie when it comes to plugins. I like to mess about but I also like to just have some settings all done for me in advance. This is a good way to see the product and what it can do.

Getting Started with our FilterShaper Core 2 review

Installation was really easy. It was just a case of using the Cableguys Shaperbox utility which is one installer. In one way it keeps things nice and simple for the next plugin, but I’m not a fan of having to install a full suite to use one plugin. But that’s how it works so I guess we have to roll with that.

Once my VST scan was complete in my Bitwig Studio DAW, it was just a case of uploading the license file and then I was set to go. This VST presents itself as an audio effect in Bitwig for the full Shaperbox bundle. This can be added on to a virtual instrument or audio file and placed in the signal chain.

Now we’re good to go, and first impressions are that it is quite intuitive. I am able to find presets quite easily.

Cableguys Filtershaper Core 2 Review
Filtershaper Presets Window

It’s really easy to pick and choose from all tools within the Shaperbox array of plugins. For me, I’m only using Cableguys FilterShaper so I picked that in the bottom right and this showed me all presets for just that.

Then cycling through the presets I found a great pumping effect for my bassline.

From here on in its a case of tweaking and dragging. The undo feature being particularly useful when you go too far with a change.

Is it worth it?

For the money, Cableguys FilterShaper is a little gadget that is quite the tool. At the time of writing too, the Black Friday specials are on and I think I’m going to look at taking full advantage of that and upgrade to the Shaperbox Bundle.

A cheeky little piece of software which will perform well and add inspiration to boring riffs and bass lines. I am looking forward to testing this out on some piano riffs and string sections too. I think the possibilities are endless.

I’m going to try and put this device on a plugin chain alongside a phaser and pan tool. I think the effect of waving a filter around with a phaser and whizzing it left to right will sound epic when listening on headphones.

Vocally this tool will open new doors and the Cableguys FilterShaper offers so much potential when it comes to creative methods and techniques.


Buy the Cableguys FilterShaper 2 Core Plugin

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Cableguys FilterShaper Core 2

We rated it 5 out of 5

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