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Keeping Organised in Music Production

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Keeping Organised in Music Production

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Staying organised is a really important part of music production. It keeps you efficient when producing music and helps keep a fast paced workflow. These tips will help you stay organised when producing music.

1. Keep everything you do. Never ever delete a project. Even if you think it should be binned and sounds rubbish, there might be a riff or collection of notes which you like and can improve on at some point later in time.

2. Have a standard file name format. Avoid using mix 1, mix 2 mix 3 final, Mix 3 Final version 2.A good method is a track title, date and then version. Eg

My Song – 11-08-2018 – version1.2.wav
My Song – 11-08-2018 – version1.3.wav
My Song – 12-08-2018 – version1.3.1.wav
My Song – 13-08-2018 – version1.4.wav

Then with these keep a change log of what you made changes on. Even just a text file with notes will suffice.

3. Folder structure is important too. Keep every project in one folder and have all versions, samples, original files, exports, stems, midi in the one place. Make sure you know where to look when you come back to find a file for remixing 6 months down the line. Plus if you deal with customers, it helps keep that organised too.

4. Back up your work. Off site, in the cloud. You’ll thank me for reminding you one day…!

Take a look at the Golden Rules and you can see how all these link together.

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