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Making time to produce music

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Making time to produce music

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When working full time, this is one of the hardest things to be able to do. Balancing family life, work, chores and everything else that fills up grown up responsibilities means that play time doing music production in you home studio can be limited. Therefore it is really important to make sure the time you have is used wisely and you make the most of studio time.
Depending on how much time you find you have can determine what you can do in the allocated time. Because of this, make sure you know what you want to do with your track. Having a good workflow is the ultimate solution to this hurdle.

Building a workflow

So everyones way of working is different and you have to find out what works for you. Making sure you know what you need to do on a track is half the battle. Getting to the point of knowing what you need to do is key too. Following these few simple tricks can aid performance and help use the time to it’s fullest.

Be organised.

Colour code your tracks in your DAW. For me I have the following setup:
Red for drums
Blue for Bass
Green for Synths
Orange for Vocals
and so on. This way I know when I am looking to amend a particular part of a track I know where to look and at what point. I also know that the Mono tracks in my production are the top few tracks, and then those which are panned are later down the line.
I know the beginning bits of the song are at the top. Elements of the track which are introduced further in are further down the track.
See how the picture of the track above flows diagonally down. Also note the drums grouped together in Red. Basses in Blue and because these are Mono, are at the top.

Bitwig Studio 2 Daw Image

Saving your work often is important too. But when you save, make sure you have a standard format depending upon what point you are at. Is it a mix, is it a master? Is it version 3 or 4. Come up with a naming convention that works for you and also a file location so you know where everything is.

Speaking of knowing where everything is, know your software. Make time to learn bitwig studio. Knowing your DAW inside out will certainly help you to understand more about what it can do and what features seperate it from the rest. So take some time and maybe look at the Bitwig Studio tuition that is on offer from PartTimeProducer.

If you DAW offers it, make sure you use Cue Markers and Labels. It makes finding points in a track so much easier.

Have you got any time saving tips, comment below and share with the class.

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