Mathemagical Music Production: Second Edition

Mathemagical Music Production: Second Edition

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Mathemagical Music Production is like a bible for musicians who want to apply the ancient “as above–so below” maxim to modern day music production. If you want to know exactly what Pythagorean, Just Intonation, harmonic series and 432 Hz based tuning systems are all about, or how your brainwaves can be adjusted using sound frequencies then this is just the book for you. Includes tutorials for tuning the individual notes on many popular vst / hardware synthesizers including Omnisphere 2, Serum, Kontakt 5, Zebra 2, Alchemy, Spectral, Albino 3, Cronox 2 and 3, CrX4, most vst instruments that come with Logic and Cubase, and also some hardware synths like the Yamaha dx-7 and moog slim phatty. You will also learn how to embed brainwave frequencies into music, harmonize your BPM with your instrument tuning and many other useful things. Among all of this technical stuff there are some very interesting connections drawn up, connections between certain numbers, ancient cultures, planetary movements, sacred geometry, the light spectrum, our chakras, the golden ratio and plenty of other interesting things. In the end it seems like the whole universe is actually vibrating as one harmonious chord, so read and enjoy !

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