Music Production: Discover The Past, Present & Future of Music Production, Recording Technology, Techniques, & Songwriting

Music Production: Discover The Past, Present & Future of Music Production, Recording Technology, Techniques, & Songwriting

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What Makes A Song Great? 

It’s a big question, and one that has been written about endlessly in an attempt to reveal the “formula” for creating a worldwide, smash hit record. 

First of all a good song speaks to you. You remember it, even if it’s just one really good line…It fills you with emotions, whether those be sad or happy ones. 

Then there is something else…, it’s the way the music was produced and its techniques which hook you in and enhance the listening experience. 

Music has come so far in the last four decades and is evolving at such a high speed.  Such a shift has impacted not only the consumers but also the practicing artists and music producers. 

Inside this book you will find a timeless blueprint for making smash hit songs. It is a proven formula used by the legends of yesterday to make the stars of today. 

Discover this and much more including: 

  • Over Four Decades Worth of Insider Secrets to Producing Smash Hits 

  • What Makes A Song Great? 

  • From Then to Now – Trends & Techniques in Popular Music 

  • Produce Your Best Music – No More Wasting Time on “How to Guides” or YouTube

  • Use This “Step by Step” Guide to Identify Your Favorite Production Techniques

  • Learn What Makes a Bad Mix and How to Avoid It 

  • The Proven Way to Put More Feeling into Your Music with Technology 

  • Tips for The Best Band Rehearsals & Recordings 

  • Pioneering Techniques Used by Miles Davis, The Beatles & More 

  • Psychology Hacks Every Music Producer Needs (Dr Dre and Rick Rubin Do This)

  • Workflow Tips In a “Do it Yourself” Culture 

And much, much more…

The road that led music to where it is today is laden with history which you can learn from to make your best music. 

Whether you are an aspiring Music Producer or an expert in this field you can start from where you are and master the art of music production and songwriting. 

So if your ready to discover make your best music then scroll up and click “add to cart”

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