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What are the best Eurorack cases for starting in modular? We narrowed it down to 5.

The 5 best Eurorack cases with power

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It’s all the rage at the moment, so how do you start out with Eurorack modular synthesis? We look at the 5 best Eurorack cases with power to find an easy way to get into building modular synthesizers.

What is Eurorack?

Eurorack is a modular synthesizer format originally specified in 1996 by Doepfer. Until then there was an abundance of manufacturers producing various formats. Eurorack became the standard format to use and the Doepfer measurements were used as reference for how we know Eurorack to this day.

The Best Eurorack Cases Come In All Sizes And This Is The Arturia Brute 3U

With Eurorack there is the option to build a synth of your own choice and there are many additional features to add to it from VCO’s LFO’s, Filters and Envelopes. So if you want to know where to start with Eurorack, check out our Eurorack for beginners guide. From the off though, you have to start with a case and power. So what are the best Eurorack cases for starting out with? We narrowed it down to 5.

What to look for when choosing the best Eurorack cases?

There are some elements you must consider when getting your first Eurorack case. Trying to find the best Eurorack cases means there is some criteria that you need to think about before jumping in – after all it is going to house some expensive modules and so you need something that will look after them.

  • What size case do you need? – What HP do you need means how many modules are you planning to use and does the case you want offer enough room for those?
  • How much power do you need? – Does the case you want to buy come with a power supply? If not you will need to buy an external power supply or power strip.
  • What budget do you want to spend? – Finding the cheapest Eurorack case is not always the best Eurorack case
  • Will you need to move it around? – If you need to travel, make sure you get a good quality Eurorack case suitable for travel.

The 5 best Eurorack cases

Photo Title Price Buy
Behringer Eurorack 104...Image Behringer Eurorack 104 case without power £64.00 Custom 1 Part Time Producer
Cre8Audio Eurorack Modular...image Cre8audio Eurorack modular synthesizer case (NiftyCASE) £192.45 Custom 1 Part Time Producer
Citronic | Rack...image Citronic | Rack Case 6U + 3U for Mixer/Player, 171.772UK £110.00 Custom 1 Part Time Producer
Rackbrute 6U RackBrute 6U £328.99 Custom 1 Part Time Producer
Arturia Rackbrute 3U Arturia RackBrute 3U £258.00 Custom 1 Part Time Producer

So looking a little further in to the two Arturia options, there are some points to consider. Essentially it all comes down to how many modules you are going to need space for. We can clearly see one is twice the size of the other:

Both items are a shelter for your valuable collection and the RackBrute is a robust and balanced system that will not wobble or collapse and features:

  • Robust steel and aluminium frame
  • Comfortable padded handle for pain free travel
  • Configurable design to suit any style of play

A great choice for starting out, especially from a trusted brand such as Arturia who make a number of other midi hardware devices.

Our Eurorack Top Picks

Our top 5 best Eurorack cases are what can be found via Amazon and are of great quality and will do the job perfectly for beginners. Looking further afield there are some other cases which fit the bill for various situations. We look at the following categories:

  • Lowest Cost
  • Best Value
  • Most Functional
  • Most Modern
  • If You Want To Show Off

Check out which are the best Eurorack cases that fall into these categories.

Best Eurorack Cases For Getting Started

Lowest Cost Eurorack Case – Behringer 104 Case (no power)

  • Lower cost – but remember, you’ll still need to buy a power supply
  • 104 HP of useable mounting space
  • Rugged aluminium chassis
  • Wooden end panels

Best Eurorack Cases For Good Value For Money

Best Value – Arturia RackBrute 3U

  • Eurorack 88 HP format
  • Aluminium chassis and uses M3 screws.
  • Supplied with a 5hp power supply module
  • Intelligent connection and handle system
  • Integrated struts for added protection in the transport configuration.

Best Eurorack Cases For Functional Use

Most Functional – Doepfer A-100LCB

  • Good value for money
  • High-Quality Eurorack Module Case
  • 2 Premium-Grade Bus Boards
  • 2 Rows Of 84HP Space
  • One Horizontal Row, One 45-Degree Inclined Row
  • Constructed From Raw Wood

Best Eurorack Cases For Modern Style

Most Modern – Tiptop Audio Mantis

  • SyncBus signal distribution
  • Three leg position
  • 208hp of module space
  • Lightweight and portable

Best Custom Eurorack Cases

Most Unique (If you want to show off!) – Custom Made

  • Unique designs available
  • Quality custom made Eurorack Module Case
  • 6U 84hp Eurorack case
  • Made from MDF including rails and M3 square nuts

Final thoughts

So picking the best Eurorack case is not that easy is it? Finding one to suit your style, budget and needs is a daunting task and needs consideration before jumping in and proceeding. I hope this list of the current cases out there help you find what you are looking for and get you started on your Eurorack module journey.

Just starting out in Eurorack? Check out our Eurorack for beginners guide here.


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