What Is Part Time Producer

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What Is Part Time Producer

I wanted to write a little page on why I’ve decided to set up this site so let me tell you a bit about where its come from and who I am.

My name is Martin and have had an interest in electronic music production and DJ’ing from my mid teens. Now late thirties (no way), I still have that production bug. My issue with becoming a music producer when I was younger was that:

“I’ve not got enough money to buy the gear.”

Well this is where my audio plugin deals page come in and I hunt round for the latest and greatest audio plugin deals. Now I have a family of my own it’s more a case of  “how can I justify buying that gear” and also:

“I don’t have time to do music production.”

We all have busy lives so my hope is that this site can be a place for offering hints and tips for music production and make the most of studio time. As for justifying buying plugins and audio gear? Well I can provide reviews and ratings on what I think the best plugins out there are.

I’m not a professional producer.

I have a full time job in a completely different field so music production time is precious to me. I hope I can offer you some help and guidance, and I’ll try and answer any questions on the way.

The Music

Ok, so apart from telling you about hints and tips regarding music production, I also make music. I’ve started releasing music and getting my stuff out there. I think it’s the only way and obviously if music in to the main stream, then there is more chance of people hearing it. I mean, that’s the whole point right?

At first I was a little shy about putting my music out there. Was it good enough? Does it stand up against the big players? Who even wants to hear it? My answer, which I’ve come to learn the long way round – who cares.
Who cares if it’s good enough. Who cares if it stand up against others or not?

Have a listen

The way I see it is this. I made this music. I wrote it. I produced it. I mixed it. I mastered (most) of it. I learnt all the skills required in order to do this. So I stand by it. It’s my music and I’m proud of it.

You should do the same with yours.

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How can I help?

Let’s talk and see if I can do something for you. I make sure I reply to all queries.
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