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Win TAIP from Baby Audio

Taip Baby Audio Win

Win TAIP from Baby Audio

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Enter our TAIP giveaway to get your chance to win the TAIP plugin from Baby Audio.

The TAIP VST plugin from Baby Audio which normally retails at £49 in stores can be yours for free. The will add analogue tape vibes to your mixes, and brings the true sound and behaviour of analogue tape into your DAW

Use it to add organic saturation and life to sterile drums, instruments and vocals with its intuitive and versatile feature set you can customise any tape flavour for any need.

Taip Plugin Giveaway
Win TAIP worth £49

✱ Drive:

TAIP’s most important parameter – add a subtle touch of warmth or extreme saturation (or anything in between). 

✱ Mix:

Run your tape in parallel. Or combine the “Wear” and “Mix” parameters to create tape flanging.

✱ Model:

”Single” brings you one tape emulation, while “Dual” combines two in a series.

✱ Lo / Hi-Shape:

Saturates the low/high end more or less than the rest of the frequency spectrum. 

✱ Glue:

Exaggerates the compression effect that naturally occurs in tape recordings.

✱ Noise:

Adds more tape noise – or removes it entirely.

✱ Presence:

Brings back the brightness that gets lost on tape recordings

Competition closes on 28th June 2022

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