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Workflow best practices

Bitwig Studio Workflow In Daw

Workflow best practices

Getting a productive workflow when producing is a key factor when time is limited. Here are some tips on how to increase productivity in the time you have creating music.

Presets are your friend

Don’t be afraid to use the presets that come with your virtual instruments. The presets are there to be used. It doesn’t make you a bad producer if you use them. If you have time to create your own sounds in your a preferred synth, then make sure you save your custom presets.

Mix one session, master another

Use time wisely and concentrate on one thing at a time. If you are mixing a track, mix the track. Do mixing things. If you are creating, create. If you are mastering, master. Trying to do all these things in one session just confuses matters and makes you less productive.

DAW Templates

Start your creative session with a template you have created previously. This saves time messing about with putting drums in one place, colour coding tracks etc. The added bonus of this is your tracks will all be in the same place. See the article on organising tracks for more information.

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