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I had to write a music press release for my new EP and I didn't know how. This is my journey on how I learnt to write a music press release.

How to write a music press release with success

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I had to write a music press release for an EP. I’d never done this before and so I had to learn. This is my journey on how to write a music press release.

Where to begin?

First of all I thought when I came to write a music press release it would be simple. I’d just need to be bombarding the person or company with information about the upcoming release. Then let them sift through and pick the relevant parts of the information they wish to share. This – I quickly learnt – was not the case.

A press release should be an elevator pitch for your production which covers information about the artist, brief overview of the track and then all relevant links for more information. It should take no more than 30 seconds to read.

Thanks to Andia from In Your Dreams for this above piece of expert advice. Once I understood this it made more sense with what I was looking to achieve.

What to include when you write a music press release?


Have an eye catching artist picture or single/album cover placed at the top of the press release. This helps keep things ‘on brand’ and allows you to use visuals to be sub-consciously memorised in a minds eye.


Have your links and streaming platforms easily available. Also make sure to keep them obvious as to what they are. These should be towards the top of the press release, before any main content.

Tools such as Linktree or Hyperfollow from Distrokid allow you to have an array of links which are easy to offer up on a single page.

Your Story

It may seem obvious but music curators and DJ’s, blog owners etc all want to know about the people they are sharing the music of. A back story to a release or about an artist will paint a picture. Tell them about you, your band, why you created the music. What is the story behind the release? Did you use any specific techniques?

I found the PR generator on Musosoup a useful utility but you need to be careful how much goes in to this. (I talk about this shortly).

Be to the point but not short.

Where I went wrong…My original release

My first stop when writing a press release for my EP was to fill out the entire online form from Musosoup. This generated my document and then I copied and pasted this and took some links and thought that would do.

How wrong could I be. I sent this off to Andia from In Your Dreams and we decided that it was too long. This is where the elevator pitch theory came in to play. A few emails later and Andia had re-written my press release in a format I could now work with and understand.

Write A Music Press Release

So how’s it looking now?

Only seeing the press release in the short sharp pitch style could I understand where I’d gone wrong. I really like that I am able to write a music press release for my own EP and I hope that it is going to serve me well.

As you can see above the press release is in a clear concise format:

  • Image
  • Links
  • Release info & backstory
  • Artist information
  • Artist quote

The last tip for now is to make a note of everything you do. Write down what works for you and what does. If something works well, then make sure to focus on this for your next release. If something doesn’t work as well, then don’t spend as much time on that part when next releasing music. Finding what works means less effort next time around.

Keeping a log of your process with what does and does not work is the best way to learn. For my album release due in 2021, I’ll certainly be applying this technique and hoping it works well for me going forward. For now, being able to write a music press release for Wonderful Things Are Still Possible has been good fun and an intense insight into just how tough the music industry is!

I’m hoping this will be a winning combination for me. I’ll let you know how I get on!

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  1. Brilliant article Martin! Kudos to Andia as well 🙂 I’m going to head over to your Bandcamp and have a listen to your latest EP, I’ve been so focused on my changes as of lately that I’ve lost touch with everything… Will send you my reactions via email. Cheers

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