arturia analogue lab
Inspiration and Techniques

Arturia Analogue Lab review

We take a look at Arturia’s new Analogue Lab offering up a multitude of classics and retro synthesizers bringing back the sounds of yesteryear, plus …

Inspiration and Techniques

A Comprehensive Guide to Bitwig 3.1 Ep. 2.1 (Sampler)

Bitwig’s sampler is incredible! Let’s dive in and see what it can do MEDIA Discord … Credit to Alckemy

polarity music parttimeproducer bitwig
Inspiration and Techniques

Quick fire 10 questions with Polarity

We catch up with Berlin based Drum and Bass producer, and more importantly Bitwig Studio wizard, Polarity. Polarity offers some of the content found within …

Inspiration and Techniques

A Comprehensive Guide to Bitwig 3.1 Ep. 1.5 (Recap/Tips n’ Tricks) #bitwig

This is the final video of the Bitwig overwiew! Here we look at some neat tricks I didn’t mention in previous videos MEDIA … …

Inspiration and Techniques

Micro-pitch device [Bitwig Studio 3.1 Key Feature]

Based on Bitwig Studio’s unique approach to per-note expression, our new Micro-pitch device lets you dynamically retune notes, import existing scales … Credit to bitwig

Inspiration and Techniques

? How to make a Synth Voice Bass in the Grid – Bitwig 3.1 Chebyshev Tutorial

Chebyshev is nice for creating harmonics from one sound source. — Buy & Upgrade Bitwig Studio 10% cheaper … Credit to Polarity Music

10 questions with antiquity part time producer
Featured Inspiration

10 questions with… Antiquity

Part of the “10 questions with…” series, We have a chat with musician and producer Gerald Duchene of Antiquity to find out a bit about his project and creativity.

Inspiration and Techniques

? Inverting Signals in the Grid – Phase, Notes, inversions (Multiply) – Bitwig Modular Tutorial

Today I will show you how to invert signals in the Bitwig Grid with the multiply math module. — Buy & Upgrade Bitwig Studio 10% …

Inspiration and Techniques

A Comprehensive Guide to Bitwig 3 Ep. 1.1. (Overview) #bitwig

And here we are! In this video I’m going to walk you through the overall gui and general workflow of Bitwig. If you know nothing …

Inspiration and Techniques

DAW v DAW Part 6 – Pan Laws, Pan Curves and Bitwig irritating me. (I screwed up Ardour!)

I MADE A MISTAKE WITH ARDOUR! It does complete the automation when using play mode. I accidentally found a bug with touch mode. All other …

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